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  • 8 things you didn't know about Christmas

    I love Christmas. I suspect my wife now hates it, since I started writing this book on Christmas history. Here are eight of my favourite festive facts that made Mrs Kerensa roll her eyes...
  • Thor Ragnarok review: an Antichrist movie that's not for kids

    The Venn diagram between Christians and comic book geeks will have a fairly large area of crossover. So when a new Marvel film is released, AND it turns out to be packed with theological themes and references, those of us who sit in that sweet spot are pretty much in movie heaven. No prizes for guessing at this point that Thor Ragnarok, the latest instalment in the ever-expanding franchise, is exactly that film.
  • This may be the best way to resource your ministry for years to come

    Is the internet changing our brains? At least one writer thinks so. In The Shallows, Nicholas Carr argues that not since Gutenberg invented printing has humanity been exposed to such a mind-altering technology. Our brains are being rewired, so that instead of engaging deeply with ideas we skip over their surface, acquiring a superficial understanding which we mistake for knowledge