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  • Why you should never trust in yourself but always trust in God

    Confidence is a good thing, so long as we get our confidence from the right source that is God Himself. The Bible has shown that time and again, man has tried to reach great lengths on its own, and fall into the sin of pride. The tower of Babel (see Genesis 11); the census of Israel conducted during David's time (see 2 Samuel 24; 1 Chronicles 21); and the "voice of a god" speech delivery by king Herod (see Acts 12:20-23) are merely examples of such self-confidence and consequent defiance of God.
  • When Christians fall out: 9 Bible verses about unity

    Christians are good at falling out. Sometimes this is just because we're human – someone rubs us up the wrong way, we're in a bad mood or we are not in a cooperative or forgiving mood. Sometimes it's because there are really important issues at stake – or issues that seem really important at the time. It might be about doctrine or about other issues of church life, but we're prepared to think and say things about fellow-Christians that, looking back, don't really do us much credit.
  • It's time to book a holiday: Krish Kandiah's choice for Christian summer reading

    Summer is upon us and this is the time when I aim to catch up with my reading. I collect together all the books that I have been longing to dig into, but have been pushed aside by the business of life. I can't think of many things more physically relaxing and yet fantastically mentally stimulating than stretching out in the summer sun in a quiet spot in the garden and sinking my teeth into a proper book. Don't get me wrong – I love the fast pace of social media, keeping up with the latest news and zipping through news articles as they appear on my feed, but there's nothing like immersing yourself in a well-crafted book on a long summer day.
  • 3 reasons to trust in God even when your problems are many

    Oftentimes we get shaken by the pressing things that happen around us. When troubles come and problems surround us, it's easy for us to lose heart and start worrying over what could possibly happen. What we need to realize is that God is good and can be trusted in when these trying times come.
  • What the Bible has to say about being prosperous and successful in all that you do

    So many people think that there are many ways to success. True enough, as many disciplines and areas of expertise exists, so does the many means and ways to become "good enough" or "the best" at something. But still, many who've tried to succeed but failed realize that at times, what you think works actually doesn't. The Bible, however, offers the best "one-size-fits-all" method to become successful in everything that we do.
  • 3 things every Christian needs to do when they're feeling defeated

    Have you ever been at a point in your life where you did your best but your best wasn't good enough? Like you gave it a hundred percent effort, but the results were a jaw-dropping fail? I know that's frustrating, but I'm here to encourage you with two words: keep going.
  • How does Jesus' healing of a man possessed by a legion of demons speak to us today?

    One of the stories in Luke 8 that resonates most powerfully today is tale of the man possessed by a legion of demons (verses 26-39). He's out of control. They chain him and he breaks the chains. In the end Jesus casts the demons out into a herd of pigs and they're drowned in the lake, and the man is found 'clothed and in his right mind'.
  • 'He gives wisdom to the wise': 11 Bible verses about leadership

    The UK discovered last week that it would soon be facing another general election to determine the political future of the country. France too is facing a general election for its next president, and US President Donald Trump is about to celebrate his first 100 days in office.
  • What does Deuteronomy mean?

    The book of Deuteronomy is the fifth book in the Old Testament Pentateuch or Jewish "Torah." It is the last book that Moses wrote, leading to his death and the eventual rise of his assistant Joshua to leadership over the nation of Israel.