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  • Why the Church needs to reclaim Halloween

    My husband Mark and I are expecting our first child this autumn. While we are unbelievably excited and thankful for this little gift of new life, there's one thing (giving birth aside) that I'm a little bit nervous about: Baby McDonald is due to make an appearance on 31 October. Yes, our little boy's due date is Halloween.
  • Why every church should build a kids' holiday club into its mission plan

    I'm sitting in the middle of the stage at the front of my church, while nearly 200 children point at me and howl with laughter. I'm wearing a spectacularly unflattering orange t-shirt, not that you can see much of it, since gloopy blue gunge is currently running down my face and all over my clothes. There's mess everywhere; I and the rest of the team behind this debacle are in a constant state of near-chaos, and yet everyone in that packed room is having a profound – and perhaps even spiritual – experience.
  • What does the Bible say about being a mom and going to work?

    The pastor of a multi-site church in Texas recently responded to a question on whether the Bible says it's OK for moms to work. While it's not forbidden, Todd Wagner questioned the motive behind a mother choosing to work over being at home with her children.
  • 3 conversations Christians can no longer ignore

    I have been studying the Acts of the Apostles recently, and have been fascinated by the drama, the passion and the total resolve of the early Church. The 44th book in the Bible arguably documents one of the greatest revolutions of all time. It has caused me to reflect on the position of the Church in present-day settings.
  • Lean in to your shadow side: ten new Christian phrases you need to know

    Every subculture has its own special vocabulary. Whether you're a sci-fi geek or a football fan, a sailor or a social justice campaigner, your specific area of interest will have its own lexicon of words which don't make much sense to the uninitiated. No-one however, quite does this to the degree of awesomeness demonstrated by the evangelical wing of the Christian church, which not only has its own set of extraordinary jargon, but regularly adds to it.
  • Revelation 17: The prostitute on the scarlet beast

    Let's do some basic preacher training. Christians have a beautiful message, full of love, compassion and gentleness. Those who pass on the gospel message are to be subtle, nuanced, connected and certainly not give any offence. Agreed? But there is something missing from that. It appears that John (or, as we believe, the Holy Spirit speaking to and through him) did not get the right memo.
  • Why you should never trust in yourself but always trust in God

    Confidence is a good thing, so long as we get our confidence from the right source that is God Himself. The Bible has shown that time and again, man has tried to reach great lengths on its own, and fall into the sin of pride. The tower of Babel (see Genesis 11); the census of Israel conducted during David's time (see 2 Samuel 24; 1 Chronicles 21); and the "voice of a god" speech delivery by king Herod (see Acts 12:20-23) are merely examples of such self-confidence and consequent defiance of God.