Newly Launched 'What God Says' Ministry Receives Positive Response

Published Monday, November 20, 2017  |  
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Newly launched online Christian ministry that focuses fully on educating people about what God says about sexual activity outside of marriage has received positive response from across the world, including India.

The ministry named 'What God Says' was officially launched on Oct. 31.

Jason London, the director of the ministry, said the ministry website has received hundreds of visitors, and over 3000 people from the United States, Canada, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Budapest, Mexico, Australia, Europe, South America, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean have signed up as official followers of the ministry Facebook page.

"We have been averaging approximately 2 new Facebook follower sign ups, every 3 minutes," said London, according RNS.

"There is a definite need, and hunger for a unique ministry, such as What God Says Ministries, where people could learn about what God says about sexual activity outside of marriage," London added.

He saw an urgent need to educate both Christians and non-Christians about the sexual activity outside of marriage.

"At present, there is a serious lack of reliable / truthful (godly) education among many, in regards to what sexual activity outside of marriage truly is, according to God. As a result, this ministry was created to properly educate people about what God says about sexual activity outside of marriage. Why are we educating people based on what God says? We are doing this because God is the truth (Romans 3:4), above all else. And as God is the true truth, one must attain all aspects of their sexual education, based on what God says, as God is the truth with no lie, no deception, and no fault," said London.

"Sexual activity outside of marriage is too serious an act, with severely damaging consequences, to not get your education (about it) from the truth (which is God)," London added.