Most Rape Cases in Madhya Pradesh goes unreported, says activists

Published Wednesday, September 02, 2015  |  

Bhopal: In a statistical report released this week by the National Crime Records Bureau showed the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh accounted for 5,076 cases of rape for the year 2014. But Bhopal Archbishop has a different story to tell.

Terming the statistics as wrong, Archbishop Leo Cornelio said that the majority of rape cases among the tribal and Dalit community are seldom reported. He cited poverty and illiteracy as contributing factors that lead to growth in crime against the Tribals and Dalits. Lack of education and understanding of legal framework along with the social stigma further escalates their plight.

The government data puts the figure to 13 cases of rape against women in Madhya Pradesh with 4,150 incidents of crime against tribal and those in the lower strata of the society.

According to Gulzar Singh Markam, Vice President of Gondwana Gantantra Party, the leading tribal political party in the state, high caste Hindus continue to discriminate against the Dalits and Tribals on a daily basis. Even though the law forbids caste discrimination, it is still silently practiced in the societal norms and in the celebrations and occasions. Less then one fourth of actual cases of crimes committed against the Dalits and Tribals get to be reported, he said.