Jonas Brothers' dad partners with Michael W Smith on new music label

Published Saturday, July 27, 2019  |  
nullMichael W Smith

Christian music veteran Michael W Smith and Kevin Jonas Sr - dad to the Jonas Brothers - will soon be launching a new recording label at Liberty University.

The label forms part of the Michael W Smith Center for Commercial Music launching in the autumn at Liberty's School of Music.

Smith, who has graced the Christian music scene since the 80s, said the project was going to be "awesome".

The record aims to attract existing emerging artists across the US and bring them to Liberty to be trained as the next generation of musicians.

The centre is not only going to support artists in entering the Christian music industry as it will also be open to those with a Christian faith who have set their sights on the mainstream music scene.

Jonas Sr, a pastor, brings his extensive experience in the commercial music industry into the mix as the original manager of his sons' pop group, the Jonas Brothers, who launched them into stardom back in 2005.

(Photo: MSNBC)Kevin Jonas Sr managed his sons during their days as the Jonas Brothers pop group before becoming a restaurateur

He will work alongside music students at Liberty to publish their records and help get their talent out to the wider world.

Al Denson, a former Christian recording artist and music industry executive who is now Liberty's commercial music industry liaison, said that Michael W Smith had "such a good legacy and reputation".

"These artists remember how hard it was starting out, working years and years to have the opportunity to record on a major label," he said.

"So when they have a chance to give back to those who are really wanting to seek what they did, and walk down the same path, they are more than willing and excited to invest in them.

"It's magnetising to get around students who are hungry when you know how it feels yourself. The artists just need a place that has integrity and supportive staff who care, and that's why the match with Liberty makes it so good."

Denson said Jonas Sr would bring another level to the music programme at Liberty.

"Kevin has the most integrity of anyone I know on the pop side of music," he said.

"He's going to give us depth into a market where we've never been; he has relationships with people who can be a Christian but still be on the pop side; he's a liaison to the other side of the coin."