• Drinking beer is easy but being a Christian is a 'tough call', says Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper has told a megachurch in Ohio that Christianity saved him when his life was spiralling down into drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Katy Perry ordered to pay over half a million dollars to Christian rapper in copyright infringement case

    Katy Perry has been ordered to pay $550,000 to Christian rapper Flame after a court upheld his copyright infringement claim.

  • Jonas Brothers' dad partners with Michael W Smith on new music label

    Christian music veteran Michael W Smith and Kevin Jonas Sr - dad to the Jonas Brothers - will soon be launching a new recording label at Liberty University.

  • Marvel has plans for a Muslim teenage superhero on screen: it's about time

    Marvel Studios has revealed plans for a film portraying the story of Kamala Khan, aka Ms Marvel – a Pakistani Muslim teenage superhero – on the big screen. With comic book movies largely dominated by white men – and rarely engaging religion – her inclusion will be a welcome move.

  • Facebook says rejecting ad of Jesus on the cross was a 'mistake'

    Facebook has reversed a previous decision to reject an advertisement featuring an image of Jesus crucified on a cross, saying the removal had been a \"mistake.\"

  • Museum of the Bible: An investment for the future that will help many toward faith

    In November 2017, the Museum of the Bible opened in Washington DC. Last week I visited – with rather low expectations. I had visions of Praiseland from The Simpsons – a Bible-inspired theme park replete with kitsch and clichés such as a ride where a David animatronic robot would read all of the 150 psalms to you. And all while you were locked in a carriage wearing tacky merchandise emblazoned with weird and wonderful verses.

  • Christian Today's Oscar Predictions 2018

    Whatever happens at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles this Sunday night, it can\'t be as bad as last year. Hollywood\'s collective sense of agonised awkwardness has only just recovered from Warren Beatty mis-announcing the winner of the Best Picture in front of a horrified theatre. One imagines that as well as firing everyone involved in that memorable disaster, they\'ll have quadruple-checked everything before those envelopes are opened this year.

  • Global Hymn Sing aims to get 1 million people singing 'Jesus Shall Reign'

    The third annual Global Hymn Sing is expected to reach up to a million people in churches all over the world this Sunday.

  • Black Lightning: Racism, justice and the cost of your God-given gifts

    \'Black Lightning\' is the latest comic-book superhero to hit the small screen, but he\'s a far cry from what you know. This sharp show engages institutional racism, crippling injustice and the quest for what\'s right in a bloody, broken world. Its protagonist faces a deeply Christian kind of crisis: the call to embrace God-given gifts for the good of others, even if it means cost and pain for yourself.

  • My choice: 5 great novels of 2017

    It is interesting how novels begin to cluster around themes. And we are definitely in a time fascinated by Germany towards, and after, the end of the War. Philip Kerr has trail-blazed and developed a lucrative franchise around his Bogartesque Bernie Gunter – although it is running a bit thin.

  • Why Christians should learn to love fiction

    It is a question that really tested me. What five books have changed your life, excluding the Bible? It was a test because the question threw me back to different times in my life and the books and people in them. I have met some of my best friends, and some of the most real people I\'ve ever known, in books.

  • Justice League review: the demons flee, and so should you

    \'We\'re not angry with you. We\'re just disappointed.\' Remember those stinging words that your parents would use when you\'d fallen spectacularly short of their expectations? I heard them after stealing £2 from my mum\'s purse to buy Italia \'90 World Cup stickers. The entire team responsible for the ugly mess that is Justice League will hear them from movie-goers all over the world now. It\'s not that expectations were high after a string of so-so releases thus far in the DC Cinematic Univers